Indications of path from airports

Florence airport has a special agreement with taxi companies: 20 euros to the center of town plus standard luggage charge. There is also a bus shuttle that will take you from the airport to the S.M.N. central station in about 20 minutes.

From Pisa airport, the airport bus to Florence will drop you at the central station in just over one hour (see below for further travel instructions). Alternatively, take the city bus opposite the airport and get off at Pisa central train station where you can purchase a ticket to Florence: there are trains every hour. Make sure you stamp your ticket at the small yellow machines BEFORE getting on the train (see below for further travel instructions).

Reception at the duplex is only by appointment:
Please advise time of arrival well ahead of time, and if delayed please call. We shall provide a phone number when your booking is confirmed.

Arriving by train

  • From the central station Santa Maria Novella,

    the Cathedral (the Duomo) is 100 meters in front of the station and the apartment 150 meters at the back of the Duomo walking up via dell'Oriuolo to borgo Pinti - on foot about 20 minutes. If you have luggage do take a TAXI and you'll be at the apartment in about 10 minutes. If you wish to take a BUS, as you alight from the train take number 14 or 23 at your left of the station, on the sidewalk past McDonalds. Ask the driver to get off at borgo Pinti, take the left fork of the street and follow numbers to n. 33.
  • Some trains arrive at the

    Campo di Marte station.

    From there go to the BUS stop of n. 6 or n. 31 (in front of the station, slightly to the left, take viale Mazzini, the tree-lined avenue. 50 yards on, past the roundabout, is the right bus stop). Get out after 3 stops, at Borgo Pinti (just ask the driver). Borgo Pinti 33 is to your left. By TAXI you'll be here in less than 10 minutes.
  • Some trains stop at the

    Rifredi Station.

    From there you can board a slow train that takes you to the central station; or take a taxi – the time of transfer depends on the traffic: about 20 minutes.